How to Watch No Sudden Move In Canada

Canada doesn’t exactly have the same streaming options as our friends to the South, which often means we don’t get all of the good stuff delivered right to us. But the one good thing about the past year or so (let’s be honest, there really aren’t that many) is the fact that we’re seeing a huge improvement in how fast we can access new film and TV content.

Case and point: Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, No Sudden Move.

If you’re wondering where you can watch this little gem, and if you should even bother (you should), then you’ve arrived at the right place. We’re going to have a quick little chat about where you can stream the movie in Canada, who’s in it, and why you should probably add it to your “to watch” list (sooner rather than later).

Where can you stream No Sudden Move in Canada?

No Sudden Move was released on HBO Max in the United States on July 1.

Unfortunately, us folks in Canada don’t have access to HBO Max. Luckily, it was also put on the Bell streaming service, Crave, which currently owns the rights to stream HBO shows in Canada. So, if you have a Crave account, you can stream No Sudden Move for no extra charge.

Rumour has it, this movie will only be available 30 days from its release. So, if you want to catch it before it goes away, you’ll need to jump on there in the next three or so weeks and stream it as soon as you can. It’s only an hour and 55 minutes long, so pop your popcorn, settle in and enjoy the show!

Is it worth the stream?

Not everyone has all the streaming services, and the film isn’t available for rental (which would most certainly cost $30 if it was an option) so it’s a fair question to ponder whether or not the film is actually worth the cost.

The answer to the question really depends on what kind of films you enjoy watching. To me, it has a similar grittiness and pacing to that you’d find in Hell or High Water, and you really do have to pay attention and follow along to get the end of it—though not nearly as much as you do for The Poison Rose (which is a big no-go for me).

If you like 1950s crime pieces with a splash of realism and a whole lot of confusion, then yes, this is the film for you. In all honesty, it took me a minute to get into, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable watch. Though, I wouldn’t have spent $30 on it, had that been the only option.

No Sudden Move cast

No Sudden Move truly has a stacked cast.

Now, I fully admit I watched it solely for Brendan Fraser, but there are a TON of notable stars in it. On the list you’ll find:

Even young Noah Jupe is featured.

This might just be the ensemble cast of 2021, depending on who you think makes up a stellar cast. So, if you’re judging whether you should watch it by who’s involved, it’s a definite yes.

No Sudden Move synopsis

It’s 1954, and two small-time criminals (Cheadle and Del Toro) are recruited for a “babysitting” gig for some quick cash. But it turns out to be less of a quick cash job and more of an utter sh*t show. When everything goes haywire, the pair, who don’t exactly get along, try to track down who hired them and why.

Is No Sudden Move based on a true story?

While I can’t confirm that the plotline is actually true (actually, I’m pretty sure it’s not), the overall film is loosely based on real-life car manufacturer conspiracies, along with the very real racist policies in Detroit. You can call that “based on a true story” if you want, I probably wouldn’t though.

No Sudden Move snack pairing

Honestly, you should probably pair this bad boy with a cigar and a strong bourbon.

But if you’re like me and aren’t all that into alcohol consumption and cigars aren’t your cancer stick of choice, then something strong and salty is called for. I’m thinking a bitter Earl Grey black tea or an Americano, heavy on the espresso mixed with some Allsorts (like you’d find in your grandfather’s smoking room next to the humidor).

Anything to complement the bitter backstabbing that takes place in this old-timey thriller.

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